The Artists


Kalie Acheson

The Creative Designer


Kalie is an award-winning, multi-format designer, whose focus is magical, fun, and socially conscious art and installation. She is known for elaborate, immersive visual experiences that allow participants to (re)discover themselves in playful, interactive spaces.  

In 2016, she created Wildheart Motel, an art installation that consisted of 21 unique motel rooms for the Grammy Award-winning artist, Miguel. Over the course of two days, participants got to explore a wild, immersive, unexpected, visual journey. Kalie has also consulted for several large-scale installations, including 29 Rooms, Chill, and W Hotel’s Oscar Party.


Alejandro Cohen

The Music & Nightlife Director


Alejandro’s greatest passion is sound and music. From composing music for TV shows and documentaries to performing in various bands Alejandro took on the role of director at dublab. Dublab is a highly respected internet radio station dedicated to the growth of progressive music, arts and culture. Under the dublab umbrella Alejandro produced some of Los Angeles’ and the world’s most renowned and exclusive multi-media events. 


Eddy V.

The Digital & Tech Designer

As a true visual artist Eddy applies creative engineering methods to combine art with new media technologies. He prefers open source tech and loves to apply it when setting up 360dome experiences, working with projection mapping and adding a component that allows for real time interactive performances. His background in working with multiple technologies, acclaimed artists and global brands allowed him to successfully execute high-profile exhibitions, activations and immersive experiences. 


Kayden Ressel

The Gamification Expert

Kayden opened the world’s first live escape room experience, featuring elements from haunted house attractions in 2014. He now owns and operates The Basement, an escape room with locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and additional ones coming soon in the Midwest. It is Kayden’s detailed and intricate mind that invents and designs the heavily tech driven games and puzzles and makes The Basement by far the most realistic and immersive escape room in the country.


Devon + Lawrence

The Immersive World-Builders


Devon + Lawrence are the founders of the very unique immersive experience ALONE, and when it opened in 2013 was Los Angeles’ first immersive theater experience. What began as an exploration of the individual’s senses when left without a phone, a friend, a partner wondering through unknown territory quickly established a great fan base. ALONE is never the same and adapts to its location, the times and its audience. A combination of live performers interacting with the audience, while being directed in real time and experimental sounds, the experience is always unique and one-of-a-kind.